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Personalized Holy Cat

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Personalized Holy Cat


After ordering, you'll receive an email to which you can respond with your cats pictures and the artwork you want your cat to appear in. To ensure copyright compliance, please note that the artwork must be created by an artist who passed away at least 70 years ago.


Within a day, we will send you the first sample of your artwork. You can tell us if you want any changes. We want you to be 100% happy with the artwork.


Once you like the design, we will print and ship it to you next day. Like this, you can receive your personalized Holy Cat within two weeks.

Crafted from 100% organic cotton, Holy Cat clothing feels soft and comfortable with just the right amount of stretch and weight.

We print Direct to Garment (DTG). That means we create photo-quality prints that last long and flow with the material.

You can choose a women's shirt instead of unisex if you like. Do you prefer a sweater over a hoodie? That's also possible.

To comply with copyright laws, we can only use paintings of artists that have passed away at least 70 years ago. That's why we can use artworks from Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and other great artists of the past.

The print will stay bright and vibrant, even after many washes, but to keep it looking as good as possible, follow these tips:

- Turn Inside Out: Flip your shirt inside out before washing. It protects the print.
- Cold Water: Use cold water in your wash. It's gentler on the fabric and print.
- Gentle Cycle: Choose a gentle wash cycle.
- Mild Detergent: Use mild, color-safe detergent. Don't use bleach.
- Air Dry: After washing, shake it out and air dry.